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Doug-DavisThis page lists properties being handled by our office which are scheduled for monthly tax and/or city lien foreclosure sales.  These tax and lien sales are usually scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month, starting at noon, located in the first floor “Snack Bar” area of the new Durham County Justice Center at 510 S. Dillard Street.  Doug Davis is the Commissioner/auctioneer for these sales, and should be contacted for any questions about the properties being sold.  Mr. Davis also has a tax and lien foreclosure website with listings of all properties he is auctioning and their status.

See the Durham County website  for tax foreclosure sale notices.  The Durham City/County Tax Office employs three different attorney firms to handle tax foreclosures, any one or all of whom may have sales scheduled with Mr. Davis in a given month.  The Durham County website will list all tax foreclosure sales which are scheduled for the next sale date by any of the three attorney firms for that month, but may or may not include any properties being sold solely for foreclosure of City of Durham liens.

See our Tax and Lien Foreclosure Page for information and FAQs regarding the tax and/or city lien foreclosure process.

Disclaimer About Tax and Lien Foreclosure Sales:  All potential bidders must remember that these sales are pure public auctions ordered by the Court, and are totally “buyer-beware,” “caveat emptor,” and “where-is, as-is”  Neither the County of Durham nor the City of Durham own these properties, or have any access to them.  There are NO representations or warranties of any kind regarding the properties being sold.  All bidders must do their own due diligence on any property BEFORE making any bid or upset bid.  Once a successful high bid is made at the public sale, or any subsequent upset bid is made with the Clerk of Court after the public sale, that bid is fully unconditional and binding upon the bidder, and the bidder cannot withdraw the bid or get back a deposit, for any reason.  Also, until the sale fully completes and all upset bid periods are over, the properties still belong to their owners, they do not belong to the City or County of Durham. This means that properties can be redeemed by their owners at any time up until confirmation of a sale by the Court, and that an interior inspection of properties cannot be made by bidders without owners giving permission.

City of Durham Housing Enforcement - Pending Proceedings:  Any of the properties offered for sale may have pending City of Durham housing enforcement proceedings.  As part of a bidder’s due diligence, and especially if there is a filed lis pendens or ordinance, we strongly encourage you to check with the City of Durham Neighborhood Improvement Services about any such pending actions, and, if any, what will be required to bring the property into compliance.

DUE TO UNCERTAINTIES ASSOCIATED WITH THE COVID19 PANDEMIC, THERE WERE NO SALES IN APRIL, MAY OR JUNE.  THERE WILL BE A CITY LIEN/TAX FORECLOSURE SALE ON JULY 14, 2020.  Due to COVID19 concerns, the July 14, 2020 sale will take place outside the front doors of the Durham County Justice Center, 510 S. Dillard Street, starting at 12:00 o’clock Noon.  Face coverings and social distancing will be required.

Property  To Be Sold

Estimated Minimum Bid

Lien and Tax Foreclosure, Vacant 1931 Faucette Avenue
Parcel ID 130173


Status of Prior Sales

Property Sold


Lien and Tax Foreclosure, Vacant 1908 Ashe Street, Parcel ID 112493


Tax and Lien Foreclosure, 2604 Angier Avenue, Parcel ID 114511


Tax and Lien Foreclosure, 405 Linwood Avenue, Parcel ID 118274

Resale order issued, resale will take place
August 11, 2020

Tax Foreclosure, 1432 Wabash Street, Parcel ID 117679

Currently in upset bids
Latest bid $443,236.63

Lien and Tax Foreclosure, 1209 Sawyer Street, Parcel ID 118318


Tax and Lien Foreclosure, 116 Chestnut Street, Parcel ID 118594


Tax Foreclosure, 115 Hillside Avenue, Parcel ID 118611


Tax Foreclosure, 119 Chestnut Street, Parcel ID 118658